our Guidelines. Read them carefully.

Note : Before creating an account you must contact DiE_Mod for acceptance into the group. Our group will only follow the accepted ones into the group, so please ask for permission before creating an account.

1. Respect your Mod's wishes, it's here for a reason, after all.

2. Swearing is allowed, but be creative with it.

3. NSFW, R34, +18, etc, is permitted. In DMs for special purposes. By other word, no sexual related things on the TL. Hugging, kissing, etc is accepted, Flirting is Rare in the group, but is also accepted.

3. OOC (Out of Character) is minimum, try using it for AFK notifies only, that's right, if you have to do some drama with a player in the group, do it in DMs.

4. OCs are always aloud, but no alicorn OCs, please. The only alicorns the ones who appeared in the show.

5. We're following MLP:FIM Canon, so that means if the pony doesn't appear in the show, it won't appear here. That means, for EX/ Sunset Is a purely a EQG character, Skyla didn't appear in the show, etc etc. We won't accept those characters in our group.

6. Have fun. It's just an RP!

Thanks for reading, everypony! Twilight appreciates it! Also, please pay attention that you need an approval on your character before making the account please, if you will just make the account without an approval, you won't be accepted even if you give your OOC, because you broke the most important rule of all. That goes to OCs too. Thanks!

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