About Us... Disharmony in Equestria means, chaos, disharmony, and unfriendliness. The mane six are not united anymore. You can interact and be friends with ponies but that is awfully rare. Conversations do start, but they end as well with hatred. At one point this hostile world will end and will become harmonic. This will turn this group into the name that means Harmony in Equestrua. But until then, things remain disharmony as Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra rule Equestria. (No Tirek or Nightmare Moon) (Discord is evil at the time) Later then, the Manes reunite and save Equestria.

care to know the start?

So everything started when Sombra got back again in the Crystal Empire, stronger than the last time he appeared. The Manes couldn't defeat him, and after that, Queen Chrysalis appeared again, and then Discord turned to their side. Now, the manes are still in Ponyville, with all the chaos Discord's doing. They're not united anymore, think they have hate to each other, but, they /Still/ DO love each other from inside. ( there will be updates, apparently will happen in the group. This is the start. )

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